Welcome to the home of St. Bartholomew with Brookfield Masonic Lodge No. 5077

This site is to help you find out more about St. Bartholomew with Brookfield lodge what we do and Freemasonry in general.

We are fairly new, being formed in 1929 meeting at Brookfield Hall in Westhoughton. We meet on the second Tuesday of the month from October to May (excluding January) and we install our new Worshipful Master in March of each year.

This web site is for both Freemasons and non Freemasons, we hope that if you are already a Freemason it will encourage you to come and visit us have a look at our Diary for our meetings, for non-Masons we speak to us and come to one of our festive boards to meet with us, we hope that it gives you an insight into what we do and encourages you to find out more by enquiring to join our lodge.

Brookfield lodge was amalgamated with St Bartholomew lodge 9th December 2021

Our Membership

The Lodge has a mix of members aged from the early 30's upwards, the average age of our group is coming down as younger members join. Our members are from Westhoughton and surrounding areas. We mentor members through various stages of membership and help them to progress their masonic career should they wish to.


What Do We Do ?

That's a good question, the in lodge "activities" are mainly self improvement, learning new things, providing mutual support, improving self-worth and community awareness. You really have to be a "Brother" to understand what we do in the lodge, it can be frustrating, hard work, enlightening, exciting but above all fun. Depending on how far you want to take your Masonic career depends on how much you need to learn, the further you want to go the more you need to learn, this is where the hard work can be, committing ritual to memory gets harder as you get older!

We take part in many social and sporting events, including bowling, golf, clay pigeon shooting, cycling, walking, activity days / weekends etc. and we join in with our wives, partners and families to share these pursuits. We hold dinner dances and social evenings to which non-Masons are invited on a regular basis. Events may be organised at lodge level or even District or Provincial level and these can be quite special occasions to which civic dignitaries and special guests may be invited. Many Masons also become actively involved in charitable activities in the communities local to our Masonic Hall or do work for other good causes and charities.


So How Do I Join This Lodge?

Easy, Any man over the age of 21 may join regardless of ethnic group, political views, economic standing or religion although he is expected to have a faith, and ideally live or work in the Westhoughton area, goto the Contact Us page and fill that form in and one of our brothers will get back to you, after that we will arrange to meet with and have a chat about what we do, why you want to join to make sure you are a suitable candidate and freemasonry is right for you.


Freemasons believe in an ethical approach to life. Our values are based on integrity, kindness, honesty and fairness. Members are urged to regard the interests of the family as paramount.
However, Freemasonry also teaches and practises concern for people, care for the less fortunate and help for those in need.