Lodge Membership

Find out a few key things about our members here. We are a diverse group from all walks of life, very interested in meeting new people and exchanging new ideas.

To really find out how we tick, and consider joining us, get in touch to meet via this website

Name: W.Bro David Bridge

Name: W.Bro Derek McKee P.Pr.D.G.Supt.Wks

Lives In: Standish

Name: W.Bro George Tipton P.Pr.S.G.D

Lives In: Leigh

About Me:

Married to Gina.

Now Retired.

Previous Employment: Plessey Telecommications from. 1956-1980 as Tele comms engineer.then 1981 -1986 Quility Cotrol manager.

1986-2003 pub landlord at the Red Lion Hotel in Westhoughton Bolton.

2003-2006 Hyway car delivery driver.

Interests : Football (referring 1980:2000) class 1 Retired.All sport,Music.

Name: W.Bro Gerald Butler P. Pr. G. Swd. B.

Name: Bro Graeme McLeish

Name: W.Bro Keith Fear P.Pr.S.G.D

Lives In: Horwich

About Me:

Retired Police Officer

Married to Geraldine

Name: W.Bro Michael A. Turner P.Pr. A. G. Purs

Name: W.Bro Paul Spann

Lives In: Westhoughton

Name: W.Bro Peter Lockett AProvGM

Name: W.Bro Phil Johnson P. Pr. A . G D. C

Lives In: Westhoughton

Name: Bro Simon Dodd

Name: W.Bro Stephen Gregory P.A.G.D.C.

Lives In: Westhoughton

Name: W.Bro Steven J. Lowe JP, P. Pr. A. G. Std. B.

Name: W.Bro Tony Fletcher P.Pr. A . G D. C