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Oct 9, 2018 18:45:00

Initiation Ceremony

Initiate Mr Russell Anthony Jervis

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Leek & Potato Soup

Hunters Chicken with New Potatoes  & Garden Peas

Sherry Trifle


Mr Jervis was then initiated by W.Bro P. Spann in an excellent manner. The First-degree tools where presented by W.Bro P. Spann.
Bro Jervis then left the lodge to restore his personal comforts.
Bro Jervis re-entered the lodge and the Charge after charge after initiation was performed by W.Bro Phil Johnson. .
The J.D. found him a suitable place in the lodge. W.Bro Mark Holloway PPrSGW then presented him with a welcome pack prepared by the group mentor who could not attend due to a prior engagement.
There were no reports from Hall, Group or Charity Representatives.
The DC welcomed our Almoner WBro D. Mckee P.Pr.D. G.Supt.Wks back as he had been in hospital over the summer break.
A collection was taken for Masonic Charities.

Worked By

W.Bro Paul Spann & Officers of the lodge.

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